Expatriate Taxation

»  Reviewing existing employee compensation policies:
 ✔Identify components which are not cost effective due to administrative costs or potential litigation costs
 ✔Suggest tax efficient compensation items wherever possible
»  Assistance in registering with the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (“FRRO”)
»  Reviewing withholding tax (tax deduction at  source) computations, statements and payments for adequacy of compliance
»  Recommending 'leading practices' on payroll policies and procedures, which can be implemented by the organization across businesses and locations.
»  Analyzing taxation of income in the home and host country and advise on the tax impact of the same
»  Handholding the expatriate for compliance requirements from the time of their entry to their departure from India including tax registration, deregistration, filings, etc.
»  Advising expats on provident fund queries and liasioning with provident fund department